APTE: Remembering High School

I have to say, now that I experienced it all, high school has got to be the chill-est time ever in your whole student life. I mean, I don’t even remember pulling an all-nighter in high school for an exam (or maybe I did, but that was because I was procrastinating all day long). All I remember was getting excused from classes because of extra-curricular activities and hanging out with my high school friends at the canteen. You would think high school was pretty hard, especially when you’re in it, but once you experience college, you’ll realize how chill it actually is. True story. Also, high school friends have got to be the best set of friends you’ll ever meet in your life! I have mine: APTE.

APTE, is an initial of all our high school class/bloc-names from freshman to senior year: Apollo, Polaris, Titan, and Einstein.

Four of my favorite hilarious things that happened in high school:

  1. My classmates joined Math Jingle contest for Math Week during Freshman year. And they were announced as winners. Excitedly, they ran to the stage to get the award but one of them tripped; since they were holding hands, all of the others also fell, as in ‘domino effect’! But, that’s not even the funny part. The announcer later apologized because it was apparently not the 1st year students that won, but the seniors! The crowd chanted: “Sayang ang dapa! Sayang ang dapa!” Hahaha. Harsh!
  2. Our Home Econ teacher scolded the whole class for being noisy, then, she walked out of the room like a boss. When we felt like she’s already far away to hear us, everyone laughed hard (that was rude, I know). After two minutes, while everyone was still laughing, SHE WENT BACK—she forgot her bag. *awkward*
  3. We were partying at my classmate’s house. Everyone was having fun when I and my friends decided to go around and check out the house. Voila, two of my classmates were making out on the couch at the top floor! I asked my guy classmate about it the next time and he said that had we not seen them, he would have been a father by now! Lol.
  4. Senior Year!!! Most fun! Everyone cried during graduation. Akala mo naman di na magkikita-kita. Not really hilarious pero kasi tumutugtog pa ‘yung High School Life ni Sharon Cuneta sa background. Hahaha.

I can spend a whole day just talking about my high school life and friends. So, if you’re in high school right now, make sure to make the best out of it. You’re gonna spend the rest of your lives talking about those moments so make sure you’ve made many.


It’s very timely that I make this post, especially since it’s December already and in the Philippines, it only means one thing: Christmas! As early as now, I can already hear Michael Buble and Jose Mari Chan singing in the background. Hahaha. Anyways, even up to now, five years since our high school graduation, I and my high school friends still make sure to meet at least once every December to have a Christmas party despite our busy schedules. Yeah, we’re that clingy! Can’t wait for the next party, though I’m pretty sure we’re just gonna spend the night talking about high school again. 🙂


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