#Lamons&Lakwatsa: Hundred Island-Hopping with #CedTine

When Charlene Gonzales wittily explained (during that classic Q&A Portion of the 1994 Miss Universe) that in the Philippines, there are a total of 7,107 islands during high tide and 7,108 islands during low tide, only one thing came to mind: where could that one little island, which only comes out during low tide, be?

Upon rigorous research (aka Google), I found out that in Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan, there are a total of 123 islands during high tide and 124 islands during low tide. Not that I’m sure it’s the same island but doesn’t that feel like a Eureka moment right there? Hahaha!


Anyways, I, my sister Tine, and Cedric (aka #CedTine; sa sobrang Relationship Goals nila, may sarili silang hashtag!) decided that we were all too stressed out (or baka ako lang ‘yung stressed out), so we went up north to Alaminos and did some island-hopping adventures in Hundred Islands.

Before going, I had to leave a pile of paper works at home and a part of me felt guilty about choosing island-hopping over it despite its looming deadline. But, I realized, you should never feel guilty about trying to enjoy life, especially after working so hard. After all, isn’t that the point of life—to be lived fully? (#YOLO)

Apparently, there were three major islands developed mainly for tourism: Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. We passed by other islets first, before finally stopping over at Governor’s Island. (Fun Fact #1: Governor’s Island is where the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big 4 housemates (during Kim Chiu’s edition) stayed when they had to leave the house for some island adventure.)

#CedTine Moment No. 1: Governor’s Island

After allotting maybe an hour or two at Governor’s, we left for the second stop, passing by other little islands on our way there; most of them were named after the former presidents of the country. Obviously, there was one named after the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos; however, when we reached it, the boatman said that we’re not allowed to set foot in there–probably because he knew there were 3 UP students on that boat and he just wanted to save all the other passengers from so much hassle. Haha! (‘UP Students Protest on Marcos Island’ would have made a good news headline!)

Marcos Island
Romulo Island

(Fun Fact #2: Romulo Island is where the TV series, Marina, was shot more than a decade ago.)

We stopped over shortly thereafter at Quezon Island, where we snorkeled with giant clams. (Fun Fact #3: the 1953 adaptation of the film, Dyesebel, was filmed at Quezon Island.)

CedTine Moment #2: Quezon Island

After eating lunch at Quezon Island, we then headed to Children’s Island but the actual children who were with us on the boat were already too tired to enjoy the shallow waters, so we instead moved to the nearby cave, which apparently was Dugong’s (antagonist in Marina) home (Fun Fact #4).

CedTine Moment #3: Dugong’s Cave (Akala mo pang-prenup photoshoot kung maka-pose! Haha!)

In the end, I forgot to confirm whether Charlene Gonzales’s one little island is located in Alaminos, but I was able to confirm one little thing about myself: the fun-loving adventurer in me is still there; sometimes, it disappears as the #adulting waters come, but it’s still there.

There’s too much pressure that the world imposes on each and every one of us that, sometimes, we forget that achievements, work, money, and all the other #adulting stuff aren’t the point of life; happiness is. There’s nothing wrong with trying to achieve so much in life, but just like that one little disappearing island, when the waters calm down and you resurface, you gotta look at the world from above and appreciate and enjoy life before the waters come rushing over again.

Oh, and thanks to my sister and Cedric for reminding me that! 🙂


Fun Fact#5: It’s always fun to hang out with my sister and Cedric because it’s always an all-expense-paid trip for me (Kahit yung P7 na pamasahe sa jeep!). I don’t even have to bother carrying my wallet with me. Ha! #CedTineTravels for the win!


2 thoughts on “#Lamons&Lakwatsa: Hundred Island-Hopping with #CedTine

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  1. Although it is a very popular tourist spot, the charm of Hundred Islands has never faded. We’ve been there relatively recently, and we had a blast! We wanted to explore the not-visited rock outrcroppings, but our boatman said that it was not allowed. The small beach fronting Quezon Island is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Adrenaline Romance.

      First of all, thanks for leaving a comment! I love your dedication with your blog!

      We also wanted to explore other areas when we went, but our boatman didn’t allow us. We wanted to try cliff-jumping in Marcos Island because we saw pictures of people doing it, but it was apparently prohibited during that time. But, it was fun, nevertheless!. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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