Lamons&Lakwatsa: Shoe Selfie Baguio Adventures + Accidental Lesson From my Shoes

This is something I’ve  posted on my old Tumblr blog sometime in March 2014. We had a field trip in Baguio City for my ABM 103 (Introduction to Agribusiness Management) class. Halfway through the trip, I realized that I took shoe selfies on almost every place we stopped by, so I continued taking pictures until the end of the trip. 

Baguio City Adventures With My Khaki-Colored High-cut Shoes

We left Los Banos at exactly 5:00 in the morning. I was still kinda sleepy and I thought I was gonna miss the bus so I hurried, and I got the most uncomfortable seat ever: on the aisle (Yes, they have folding seats on the aisle of the bus).


We stopped on some international seed and feeds company before heading out to Baguio. It was almost midnight when we reached Summer Place Hotel.


On the second day of the trip, we went to Easter Weaving (where UP sablays are being made), to King Louis Flower Farm and then, finally, to an organic farm owned by my classmate. Hashtag Rich Kid!


We finished early and were given free time to roam around so we went to Burnham Park, ate strawberry taho,went boating, and then walked our way to Session Road for dinner. We almost got scolded because we came back half an hour later than we were supposed to (Sige, lamon pa! Hahaha).

We asked our professor if we could go back to Burnham for the Night Market, and we were permitted. (I got myself two jackets: one for P80 and another one for P30!) We came back twelve midnight, and when I went to Room 301, there was a drinking spree (my professor was intoxicated already, having a pillow fight with my classmate. Hahaha!)


I was lucky that I’ve gone to the hotel late because on the next morning, almost everyone in the bus was hungover. The bus stopped at La Trinidad, Benguet Trading Post, where almost all vegetables delivered to Baguio came from. My mom asked me to buy chayote (which I later found out was just a prank. Sayang ang bili ko sa sayote!)


The next stop was the very popular Strawberry Farm. We wanted to go strawberry picking but I’ve already had more than enough strawberries in my stomach that day. (I’ve had strawberry taho, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry wine.)


 Since it was a Sunday, the itinerary was just made for half a day, the other half was a free time for everyone. So, we asked the bus driver to go to Philippine Military Academy so we could roam around and take pictures. (Plus, the girls said they wanted to see some “yummy” academicians. But, they failed. Hahaha!)


For the rest of the day, some went to Good Shepherd to buy souvenirs while we went to MinesView Park for pictures. Talk about cam-hogging! LOL.

The next day was our fourth and last day in Baguio so we had to wake up early for the itinerary for that day. Goodbye Baguio!


The field trip wasn’t over yet. We stopped by on the very controversial Hacienda Luisita at Tarlac for the Central Azucarera de Tarlac. We lost our way multiple times before we finally found the factory. But, since we’re late already, we had to wait either inside the bus or outside, under the heat of the sun (habang pinapakyaw ang tindang fishball ni Manong na nagtitinda sa tabi) while our professor was talking to the plant manager.


The bus was very silent on the way home for everyone was really tired. We wanted to extend the trip but the next day was a Tuesday and we all have classes to attend so, Hello LB again. And hello stressful acads! 🙂


The trip was tiring but we all sure had a blast! Definitely one of the best trips ever!

The Epiphany: Time to get ‘too deep’

Have you ever been in a situation where all of a sudden, in the most unexpected way and moment, you were hit by a striking realization about life while looking at something not necessarily logically related to your realization? Like Newton’s famous Eureka moment regarding gravity just as instantly as an apple hit his head?

James Joyce called that magical moment epiphany*.

My epiphany happened right after I got back from the field trip. It doesn’t come close to Newton’s in terms of scientific importance to mankind, but it was something of great importance to myself, existentially.

Here I was, ranting about the stress that college and life, in general, had been giving me, and then, I saw pictures of my shoes in ten different places; right then and there, I realized, I was fortunate enough to even be ranting about life.

It hit me: within four days, I’ve been through so many places with some of the most awesome people I have ever met. Within almost two decades of living (at the time), I’ve gone through so much in life, both good and bad. It wasn’t perfect, but was it worth all the rantings?

Life was, is, and will always be stressful and hard, but if you keep on walking, you’ll be surprised as to where your own khaki-colored high-cut shoes can bring you. The trail will be bumpy, for sure, and you might get blisters along the way (and rant about it), but when you learn to choose the right path to walk on, you’ll realize that just as life can be tough and bumpy, it can also be fun and worthwhile.


*epiphany: “a sudden spiritual manifestation, whether from some object, scene, event, or memorable phase of the mind–the manifestation being out of proportion to the significance or strictly logical relevance of whatever produces it.”



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