Lamons&Lakwatsa: Shoe Selfie Baguio Adventures + Accidental Lesson From my Shoes

Four-day trip to Baguio CIty with my UPLB classmates. Note to self: A post to remind myself that no matter how cold the weather and how bumpy the road is, you should always keep on walking.


Lamons&Lakwatsa: Hulugan Falls + Hilarious Friends

I would write a long post about how and why you should go to Hulugan Falls in  Luisiana, Laguna, but I figured there were enough travel blogs already for people to learn about it. So, instead, I would want to write about my friends and why it's ideal to be with your friends when going to Hulugan Falls. Here... Continue Reading →

#Lamons&Lakwatsa: Hundred Island-Hopping with #CedTine

Remember when Charlene Gonzales (Miss Universe-Philippines 1994) nailed that Q&A Portion when she was asked how many islands there are in the Philippines, and she wittily replied, "High tide or low tide?", before finally answering that there are 7,1017 islands during high tide and 7,108 island during low tide? Ever wonder where that one little island, which only comes out during low tide, is located?

Supermoon in Quezon Province

Nope. It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's......Supermoon! Hahaha. If you know me personally, then, you probably know how obsessed I am with heavenly bodies. I mean, It was a childhood dream of mine to be an astronaut and I've never outgrown it. Hahaha! Yes, I'm that weird 22-year old you'll meet who thinks he's still... Continue Reading →

THE ULTIMATE BUCKETLIST: Listahan ng Mga Pangarap Patungo sa Tunay na Kaligayahan (Oh yeah, oh yeah!)

1.       Maging astronaut. (Lord, kahit 1 minuto lang po sa  NASA.) 2.       Makadaupang-palad sina: Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman, Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye, Joe Brooks,  at Cameron Mitchell, pati na rin sina Antoinette Jadaone, Richard Poon, Juan Miguel Severo, at Ebe Dancel. (At tatawagin natin ito bilang Samahan ng mga Hugotista). 3.       Makapunta... Continue Reading →

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